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Landscape Abstract Pattern Painting To Product


A Chill & Inspiring Free-Form Watercolor Landscape Painting with Video

Floral Pattern Painting To Product


A Chill & Inspiring Floral Watercolor Painting with Video

Quarantine Creative Challenge | Week Six | Coming Soon


Week 6: This is the last week of this series, so let's loosen up and try some new techniques.

Quarantine Creative Challenge | Week Five | Ice cream


Week 5: The weather has warmed up so lets paint ice cream together!

Quarantine Creative Challenge | Week Four | Plants


Week 4:Today I am continuing our a 6-week art challenge with our weekly prompt video. The prompt is Plants! Let's focus on mixing colors.

Quarantine Creative Challenge | Week Three | Vacation


Week 3: Welcome back, today I am continuing our a 6-week art challenge with our weekly prompt video. The prompt is VACATION!

Quarantine Creative Challenge | Week Two | Recipe Card


Week 2: I am continuing our a 6-week art challenge with this weekly prompt. I am also teaching you how to watercolor using any water-based paint -- including the cheap kid's tempera paint you but in the grocery store!

Quarantine Creative Challenge | Week One | Morning Beverage


Week 1: I decided to name this 6-week series the Quarantine Creative Challenge Week because it should be all three of those things.

Quarantine Creative Challenge | Week Zero | Intro to the idea


So next week I am going to start something new because we are all in lockdown and I can. Well, I've also been encouraged that helps. I want to vlog about art creation in quarantine. My goal is to post 6 weeks of challenges to help us all get more creative. If you like it, and I get feedback maybe I'll keep it up!

RedBubble and Art


I just wanted to share with you my thoughts about RedBubble. I have been selling art on RedBubble for a few years now, and I learned something AWESOME just recently.

Horse Craft (3-6 years)


I was invited to lead two craft sessions at a local horse camp this week. Using Cricut, procreate, illustrator and craftiness I prepared a barn craft and a yarn craft. I will include the files in this post, if you would like to try it yourself.

Texas Style: Free Cricut stickers, a New Design, and a New Illustration


I spent quite a bit of time illustrating this weekend in Procreate. I completed a) one stand-alone illustration, b) a sticker sheet and c) a typographic humorous design.

Birthday Stickers


Oh, I am so lucky. I was asked to make a group of stickers for a 20-kid group birthday party. I just downloaded procreate, so more stickers, here I come. This time I can test them live on the Cricut with sticker paper.

First Time for Face Painting


Oh, this was so fun. This post will be short and full of photos

Puppy Photo Booth Props


I was commissioned to make art with the Cricut. Yay! The ask was this: Please create photo Booth props for a group of kids. This is for a birthday party and the theme is 'puppies.'

Break Time! I'm making Stickers


I needed to revamp my creativity so I grabbed my iPad and made hand-illustrated stickers for summer. Let me walk you through it and give you a freebie!

Time-boxed Logo design


Richard created a website to help developers and designers play with Flexbox grids, and I helped with the UI and logo! here is a little about the progress.

My New Cricut Machine! Project #1 3D Flowers


Yeah! I ordered my machine from the UK, and a week later it came and now I am ready to create. First up, 3D Flowers for a kids camp!

Marbling Paper for Cheap


For my first post in my new blog, I wanted to talk about something easy, cheap, fun and versatile. I taught a lesson got a girls camp, and this is where we started...